Caitlin Nolan

Art Director/Concept Artist

Andrew Carlisi


Hi! My Name is Matthew Farrugia and I am one of the assistant editors for Within. I am an editing major in my Junior Year at JPCatholic. I have lived all across the east coast and even Naples, Italy. I have been involved in post production of many projects and am excited to be helping in the editing of Within. This story is one that is impactful and deserves to be told, and I am happy to be doing my part in telling it.

John Weaver

Craft Services Assistant

Brigitta Sanchez-O’Brien

1st Assistant Camera/Grip A

I am going to be grip for this project, and I am excited because this is a compelling and intriguing story to me on the power of relationships between people.

Hi! My name is Shannon DiSalle, and I will be set decorator. I absolutely love this story because it’s a story that will make an impression on its audience, leaving them unable to stop thinking about it long after seeing the film. I am very excited to be working on this project because I believe in the potential of this film and its incredible crew.

I am a costume designer and makeup artist who loves hedgehogs, Union Jack flags, and large cups of tea. I believe that the clothes and makeup of the characters help tell the story of who they are and what they believe, and I am so excited to be working on this production.

Viva Valdez

Makeup Artist

Discovering film in high school, I have been playing with cameras and lights constantly, around the house and on set. Working with cameras takes both joy and a skill, and being around others just as passionate as myself, the necessities for a story well told and a film well made, are in abundance.

Lexi Lovetere

Casting Director

Hello! I’m originally from Wisconsin and am completing studies in Producing, Cinematography, and Acting here in SoCal. I love all parts of film production and most roles on crew, and am excited to seek out adventures particularly in feature films and the BBC. The story of “Within” intrigues me because in it Lucy wrestles with an isolation from loss that is very near in my experience. In her nightmare of loss, there is a haunting, terrifying helplessness. At the same time I am struck by the miraculously simple phenomena of what one gesture by a caring person might do. We’ve put together a great team, and I am honored to be producing for Andrew. Enjoy the journey with us!

Peter Lobato

Director of Photography

I am the logo designer, a second-year animation student, and a freelance artist. I am happy to assist with a project that addresses the pain that so many find inescapable.

Maria Andress


Hello, I am Joseph Fifelski and I will be assisting in the art department as a storyboard artist and a concept artist for the film and for promotional material. I am happy to be involved with this project as the story of Within is a very important and emotional story that I think is close to many people’s hearts. The mental stress of a person cooped up in one place with nothing but their loss really spoke to me. The art department will make sure that the vision of the scriptwriter and director will make its way all the way to the audience visually.

Matt Farrugia

Assistant Editor

I am a sophomore at JPCatholic. I will be a grip for the upcoming production of Within. The story is very interesting because as an actor I am intrigued by the psychological conflict that happens in the film. I am also definitely happy to be working with such an amazing crew.

Miley Durbin


Laura Beth Ramsay

Logo Designer

I am currently a junior attending John Paul The Great University majoring in Communications Media with an Emphasis in Screenwriting and Directing. I love all things horror and indie films, and love reading/critiquing scripts. I am working in the post-production department and am very excited to see this story come to life. I see “Within” as a powerful and haunting story that portrays the horrors of trauma in a way that hasn’t been seen before in short form cinema.

Jacob Hotovy

Best Boy/Grip

Sam Carts

Boom Operator

My name is Brigitta Sanchez-O’Brien and I will be working as 1st AC on Within. As a junior studying cinematography and journalism at John Paul The Great Catholic University, my dream is to tell stories that capture the raw beauty of the human experience. I’m very excited to be part of this project that does just that, and to work alongside the many talented filmmakers Andrew Carlisi has assembled to bring his vision to life.

My name is Lexi Lovetere and I will be casting for 'Within'. The struggle Lucy goes through is long and hard which makes her story all the more real and relatable to people. I am honored to be a part of this project. I'm excited to see this story come to life from the page to the screen!

My name is Chris Bradley. I am a Grip for this film. This story means a lot to me because it's very creative and Andrew Carlisi is a fantastic story teller. I am excited to work with him. I am also ready to work on this production because it's a very intense project, with a talented cast and crew, so I know it will be phenomenal.

I am a Junior at JP Catholic studying a double emphasis in Acting and Directing. I am one of the producers and it has been the most rewarding challenge since I get the opportunity to learn about the business side of production. I fell in love with the script as soon as I read it because I am intrigued by stories that dig deep into the human psyche. I think it is important that these stores are told so people all over the globe realize that they are not alone, they are never alone. I am excited to be a part of this project because I believe we need filmmakers who are courageous enough to take on issues like this; I am proud to be a part of this journey.

Margie Curran

Head of Wardrobe

My name is John P.G. Weaver. I am a 19-year-old sophomore studying acting at JPCatholic University. Under my professor Lee Eskey I am learning acting techniques from Stanislavski, Meisner, Chekhov, and several others’ schools of thought. I am currently working in craft services for Within, keeping cast and crew happy and healthy.

My name is Viva Valdez. As sophomore acting major at John Paul the Great Catholic University, I am pleased to be the makeup artist for the project Within. I am thrilled to be a part of a project that captures the essence of interior struggle in such a personal, careful way. Thank you to Andrew and Maria for allowing me to help capture their vision.


Richard Crum

Assistant Director

Clare McKay


Ben Roberts

Sound Mixer

Hi my name is Margie Curran, I am currently a sophomore at John Paul the Great Catholic University, and I am majoring in Communications Media with an emphasis in Acting.  I am thrilled to be a part of this thriller! As an actor, I have learned that a single costume piece has so much power. It helps to allow the actor to step into the characters clothes and become that character for the scene.  The costume pieces can help express so much and I am so excited to help to tell this powerful story through the colors and fabrics of the costumes.  I am thrilled to be working with the crew of this project and can’t wait to see how the story all comes to life!

Colton Machado

Key Grip

Kolbe Boudreaux

Assistant Camera/Grip B

Chris Bradley


Marriann Galang

Craft Services/Catering Coordinator

I am currently studying screenwriting, directing and production in southern California. In the last two years I have been an active part in 200 short films. Within is a project I have been developing and writing for the last nine months. I truly believe it is not only my story but the story in which everyone can connect and relate to, a story which must be told. I am honored and excited to bring it to the screen.

Josh Shaffer


Hey everyone! I’m Michael. I’m a communications major, emphasizing in film production. I’m originally from DC, but moved out here when I realized I loved film. I am excited to be working on this film because of the unique perspective in which it's told.

Hi, my name is Sam Carts! I'm 20 years old, I'm from Southern Maryland, and I attend John Paul the Great Catholic University in Escondido California emphasizing in Production and Directing. I'll be working sound on Within's set, and I'm excited to start working on the film project as I know the other members of the team are energetic and cheerful people from whom I can learn lots!            

My name is Ben, I’m heading up the production sound department. I’m currently studying production at JP Catholic University. I am honored to work with Andrew and the team, and the more insights I’ve gained into this story, the more I have come to truly appreciate the importance of its subject matter. I’ve found isolation to be a very real experience in many lives, one which cannot be ignored or explained away. Surrounded by a phenomenal team and fueled by this worthy message, I’m thankful for the opportunity to help make this story come to life.

My name is Richard Crum, and I am the Assistant director on this project. I love this project because I deeply enjoy the message this film is going to show the world and anyone who sees it. I am extremely excited to be working on a project with such great meaning and something as relevant to the world today as this project is and will be. My goal is to make this the best possible project it can be, with the particular skills I can bring to the table.

My name is Keenan Wostenberg. I am a film student at John Paul the Great Catholic University pursuing a degree in screenwriting. On set I will be part of the Camera Department. This story is amazing to me because it feels very human and I think that is one of the most important things to convey in storytelling. I am very excited to be a part of this project because it is amazingly written and the team that was put together is full of passionate and professional people.

My name is Marriann Galang and I am a recent graduate from John Paul the Great Catholic University with a degree in Business leadership and Management.  For “Within” I will be taking on the role of coordinating craft services and catering for the cast and crew on set.  The story is absolutely invigorating and illuminates the darkness, appearing in numerous forms, that many people work to overcome. I am excited to work on this project because although I do not have any direct influence on the film itself, I understand the importance of keeping the cast and crew well fed and energized. Witnessing the cast and crew work so hard on crafting their art makes helping out in this small way honorable.

Natasha Rupert

Special Effects Makeup Artist

My name is Caitlin Nolan and I am the Art Director. I am really excited to be working on the project because I think the story is really important. Everyone can relate to the struggle of losing a loved one and the film really captures the pain it causes. It has such a positive message in the end that I think is important to share with the world.

Ben Escobar

Assistant Editor

Kit Fach


I am a Senior at John Paul Catholic University, and am an aspiring writer, stand up comic, and entrepreneur. I look forward to helping make this movie a reality by communicating Andrew’s story to the world.

Joe Graves

Behind the Scenes Photographer


My name is Peter Lobato and I am the Director of Photography for the short film "Within". From an early age I have always enjoyed working behind the camera in photography and cinematography. I am excited to be a part in the creation of this film and hope to visually capture the beauty and essence of this intriguing story.

Keenan Wostenberg

2nd Assistant Camera

Michael Maggio


The Emberlake Company

Grace Meihaus

Assistant Set Decorator

Joseph Fifelski

Storyboard Artist/Concept Artist

Shannon DiSalle

Set Decorator