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Lucy is a grieving woman, imprisoned in her house. Her captor takes the form of Edward, a cunning and manipulative force bent on keeping her inside for the rest of her life. It is only in the knock of May, a stranger on her front door, which offers a glimmer of hope. Will Lucy overcome her captor, escaping outside with her life, or will she be trapped forever in the death of her isolation?

This story is explored through the genre of a psychological thriller. This film deals deeply with the issues of loss and isolation, stressing the truth that everybody needs to let someone in to save themselves from the darkness within, surrounding them.





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February 14


Andrew Carlisi

Maria Andress

Clare Mckay

​Kit Fach

Welcome to the Within Blog, where stories, struggles, and successes will be told each week, along the way to creating a moving and compelling short film. We will feature posts by various members of the crew sharing their viewpoint. This blog is for people interested to hear about the process of taking a script to finished product. We can’t wait to share our journey and story with you.




Release Date: September 1, 2017

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